Introvert or Snob?

Introverts are shy, but we are perceived at times as snobby and unfriendly. We clothe ourselves in a coat of bravery to join in conversations in a crowd. We really like you, but we are shy, and we want you to like us.

If you are an extrovert, understanding introverts can seem impossible. For the most part, we, as introverts, are very much aware of our feelings, and you may perceive us as weak, but what you are really observing is humility, meekness, and processing of our surroundings. Meekness and weakness are two very different things. Introverts make great mediators because we can almost always see viewpoints that may not be the same as ours. We know there are always at least two ways of looking at something, and most of the time there are more than two. At times we wish we were more black-and-white thinkers, but for the most part we see things as smudges of gray, and hundreds of shades of the colors of the rainbow.

To an introvert, extroverts appear brave, tough, strong, and as if nothing could ever crack your tough extrovert exterior. You are governed by logic at all times. We are not always governed by logic. We know that things do not always make sense, and we have accepted this fact of life. Extroverts seem to be comfortable everywhere. As introverts, we are most comfortable alone or on the fringes of social gatherings (or on stage where we sing, dance, or perform in some fashion). It does strike some people as odd that such shy beings are comfortable performing on stage in front of hundreds or thousands. (Think Michael Jackson and Princess Di.) Introverts are observant and quiet. We notice body language, passive-aggressive behavior, and unkindness. We learn much by being quiet and observing our surroundings. We make natural artists and writers. We are empathetic and seldom judgmental.

Are you an introvert? Please comment and tell me about your introvert qualities. Let me know your thoughts on this subject.

Are you an extrovert? Ambivert? I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject! I am intrigued by the unique qualities in humans. I’m grateful we are not all the same.

Thanks for following my blog. Have a great week!

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