Learn to say no

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6794428-free-stop-wallpaperFor a long time, I had had a hard time saying no. The outcome is, having people overstep on my personal boundaries. This is NOT ok. It’s never been ok, and it will never be ok.

We learn about boundaries when we are very young, our parents do this by setting boundaries with us, and expect us to set our own boundaries with others.  When our parents don’t set these boundaries, or fail to enforce them, we walk all over them. The same thing happens when we don’t set boundaries with others, they walk over us.

So, you can correct this by realizing a few things:
1) You should set boundaries, they are very important for your mental health and for your relationship with others.

2) You set the rules for how you want to be treated and the dynamics of your relationship with them.

3) You can correct broken boundaries, by…

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