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I’ve worked in the corporate world for 25-plus years. The job is not my preferred job, but I need to pay bills. My preference for work would be a full-time career in writing and art. (Still working on that.) However, today’s post is not about my love/hate relationship with the corporate world. I will save that for another blog post. Today’s post relates to the idea of work motivation. What motivates you? What makes you want to work hard and produce amazing results in your job? What makes you look forward to arriving at the office each day? What makes you feel valuable? What makes you smile?

I work in Information Systems, and have for about 10 years. Over the years, the directors of our department have made the statement (or something similar), “Remember, people. The reason you have a job is because of the lawyers we support every day. The lawyers make lots of money for this firm, and they are the reason you have a job. Don’t forget why you are here. You are here to make their lives easier.”

Does a statement like that motivate you?

2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Anna Mackey says:

    That statement does not motivate me. Never has, never will. Even in my current position in retail, stepping it up so the manager looks better for upper management visits makes me resentful. True confession …many years ago when I moved into a supervisory position I thought about what motivated me as an hourly employee. For me it was always positive comments from those I worked with and for. I need to be appreciated, stroked so to speak. But I soon found every person is different and is motivated by many different things. That was a crucial piece to the puzzle of motivation. All that to say we are all unique and respond differently so maybe some are motivated by making the money makers lives easier. But not me. Appreciate me and I will always give you 110%.

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  2. Wolski Success Partners says:

    I worked in the corporate world for 20 years and was laid off earlier this year. After a lot of soul searching, studying and coaching, I realized that I’m motivated by making an impact. I started a coaching business this fall so that I can make an impact on people’s lives. It is so fulfilling when a client has that lightbulb moment. I don’t find your director’s comment to be very motivating. I don’t think it was meant to be motivating, more of a clarification of your role. I think your directors could have focused on how your job makes the lawyers more effective, therefore, contributing to the firm’s earnings.

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